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  • DevOps Engineer

Mohammad Zarei

I am a DevOps engineer with 3 years of experience in the field. My areas of expertise include automation, infrastructure management, and continuous integration/delivery. I have extensive experience working with tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins and Ansible to create streamlined processes that improve efficiency and reduce complexity.. My goal is to help organizations optimize their software development lifecycles through automation and collaboration.

  • Thinker, creative in the field of CI/CD
  • Experienced in infrastructure configuration using tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins and Ansible
  • The ability of overcoming challenges


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MySql DataBase




Git CI


sonar scanner


In this section i wanna share my experiences

Ministry of cooperative, labour and social welfare

I have been involved in working on docker files of this organization since I stepped foot there as an DevOps engineer. What I strived to do during this tenure of time was to get the best possible results by factoring in the best practices recommended by Docker in order to take the performance to the next level which remarkably resulted in a 40% improvement in image performance. ● By maintaining Kubernetes cluster for more than 15 applications, I successfully managed to reduce deployment time by 35% and also obtain a 50% minimization in production issues. ● By implemented monitoring with Grafana and Influx DB, as a consequence a 30% reduction in system downtime was achieved through proactive issue identification among with resolution.

Linux Courses Instructor

Owing to the fact that my goal revolved around shedding some more light on the practical and functional aspects of learning, I went above and beyond to provide my students with my first-hand experiences from a number of different projects. In order to make the best possible results, I meticulously designed the lesson plans to fit the situations in a practical manner by utilizing the inspiring and worthwhile chapters from LPI. The course was held for those students who had a thirst for knowledge and were willing to hone their skills.

Network Courses Instructor

In order to render the learning process as practical and active as possible, I familiarized all learners with DHCP, DNS and also routing that are considered as essential topics regarding network. By laying the theoretical foundation first, I could shift their focus to aspects like configuring DNS and DHCP more smoothly which aroused my students’ interest and made them more eager to get involved in active participations regarding networking concepts.

Linux Project – Mega Motor

I wholeheartedly dedicated myself to successfully design and implement a Linux-based system which was not only robust but could also enhance the efficiency and productivity in a challenging IT environment. As an attempt to enhance and simplify system performance and operations, I developed custom designed resolutions along with combined advanced tools through my command and expertise in Linux principles, and I did also resolve complicated technical issues through meticulous teamwork and troubleshooting to reduce periods of inactivity and also maintain smooth operation. This experience was invaluable owing to the fact that it helped me upskill my Linux abilities and become more passionate to rise to IT challenges with all their difficult intricacies. I have my heart set on widening the repertoire of my connection with eager individuals seeking to involve themselves in exploring and exchanging ideas along with tremendous opportunities in the realm of open-source.

Linux Project – Goldiran

During this period of time, I went the extra mile and played a crucial role to enhance the server systems’ security, including the openldap and the mail server service. I adeptly carried out a comprehensive set of measures to strengthen and safeguard our servers against any possible cyber threat. I contributed to creating a robust, reliable, and safe infrastructure for the organization's operations.

Linux Project – Zamiyad

I took on the challenge at Zamyiad which was taking charge of a Linux project. It centered on improving and also enhancing the technical infrastructure of the organization. I put all my focus and attention on managing Linux distributions and making the best possible use from technologies like Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Ubuntu and CentOS. Also, in order to maximize the level of security as well as efficiency, I substantially benefited from my shell scripting knowledge, virtualization methods and network administration.

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